On April 29 , 2017 I was able to BQ (boston marathon qualifier)

after many years of disappointment.

I will help you crush the wall with green smoothies!


BQ for Ron

  Let Run Home Ron! Who is Ron? Ron was my co-worker at university hospital in food service for many years. He pass away back in April this year in his sleep. Why I am writing about Ron on a running blog because he play a role in helping me to BQ. Ron, was...


On April 27, 2019,  I Finish me my eighth derby festival marathon in eight years. Even though this is a big accomplishment in my day was bad. My goal was to BQ with a time of 3hrs 4 min for my age group (35-39).  Leading up to the race I did research to see what’s my true fitness from my previous...

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10 Weeks of Marathon Training

  Ten weeks of Marathon training: I have used most of this time to build my endurance. From the first of January when I started my training for the derby festival marathon. My goal was to work on my aerobic base. Weekly mileage: I have averaged about 30 to 35 miles a week running 4 to 5 days....

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“How to run your First Marathon”

The marathon has been called the ultimate challenge in distance running. Many runners dream of going the distance of 26.2 miles. There are many reasons people pursue the marathon for some it's on the bucket list for others a fitness challenge. Whatever your reason maybe the marathon demands...

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Derby Festival Marathon 2018

      My seventh derby festival marathon: I knew from the start that my fitness was not good. Most of my training cycle I was hurt and miss so many days of training. My longest run was only 16 miles. My muscle strain in my glutes was not heal. Yet! I still had a goal of running a BQ of 3hrs 6 min....

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Cardiovascular Factors

The Heart is resposible for delivering the most important chemical throughout the body oxygen. The location of the heart is beneath the ribs under the left breast. The heart has 4 chambers left/ right atria and left/right ventricles.  The left venticles is the most important chamber it's Job is to...

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3 mile run

    Coming back from a injury sucks. I have been hurt for two weks and unable to run. About 3 weeks ago I decided to turn a easy 3 mile run into a hard run and hurt myslef. This was just dumb not warming up before the workout and running hard on a easy day. I hurt my gluteus maximus. Yes! This...

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Running Physiology 101

Learning how to become a better runner through Revo2lution Running Certification program. I am studying to become a certified running coach and would like to share my study notes. I hope to share all of my notes on this blog for a while to help any runner become more knowledgeable in running for...

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Chasing boston 2019

     After running a BQ last year and thinking that I was going to run in the boston marathon in 2018. Well that dream was crush in September of last year when the BAA send me that e-mail of rejection. This was like somebody inviting you to a party and than telling you can't come. I was upset...

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Casual runner to Marathon runner

How to go from casual runner to marathon runner? The short answer would be run more! Casual mean you just running when you feel like it are 2 to 3 days a week. To become a marathon runner you have to increase your miles per week and have a system. Casual runners just run for fitness are to feel...

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Marathon Mind

 Head Games: Paavo Nurmi, who won 9 Olympic goals at distances once say this "All that I am, I am because of my mind. "  Most training books/plans start with how many miles you need to run per week and how many days to be a good marathon runner.  All great marathon runners must train their mind...

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