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How to fix your life?

This may sound like  a self-help post but the goal is to show how running can fix your life. I was at work  on a Thursday listening to a podcast call Run to the Top –  she had to runners on the  podcast that founded the Running to the edge.

They talk about how you can use running to help in other parts of your life. The same principles you apply to running is the same principles you can use to fix your life. They didn’t really used those words but you get the point.

I was thinking about my life and career how could it be better? Yes! I have became a very good marathon runner taking myself from 4hrs 5 min to 3hrs 8min and BQing  this year. My career on the other hand has not seen that type of progress.

I have been working two Jobs for many years that take much of my time and energy. The Jobs are all in food service and don’t pay that well. I make about $30,000 a year working 40 plus hours.

Now don’t get me wrong here I am thankful to be working and providing for my family my dear Mother. (no wife are kids) One Job is at Texas Roadhouse in Louisville, Kentucky and the other one at University hospital. These jobs pay the bills for now.

I want to fix this  because number one my passion has really never been in food service. The long working hours with little pay. I have been doing this type of work since 1999 the year I finish high school.

My dream is to have a business coaching runners just like me who love the sport and want to improve on their running hobby.

The same mindset and principal that made me successful in running marathon and getting the red carpet treatment this year aftering BQing. Must be the same principal used to fix my career.

Now you may have a great career and that’s great! What about others thing in life you can fix? diet, relationships, family, fitness. We all need to look at are life and start to examine me( meaning you) to see how I can become the best version of myself each day.

This tool we can used is call running and we can make ourselves into the type of people and runners we want to become. Follow me as I go through my journey of using running to improve my career. Write a comment to tell me about how you going to improve you life with running.


Fuel Your Next Run

How to fuel your next run?

As runners we all have days when the energy is not there. We have a run to complete and we have very low energy to start. When I was training for my last marathon there was long run I was not feeling it.

Green smoothies is the answer:

I came across this article by Corey Hill over at and he ask Jen Hansard of simple green smoothies about green smoothies before a run. Jen Hansard is a ultra-marathon  runner and green smoothies expert. She say by fueling her body properly before a run help her to run well. The protein bars can make you sluggish and give you short energy. As runners we want long lasting energy.

Drink A Green Smoothie Before your next run:

Green Smoothies are packed with nutrients that well help to fuel your run. This will help you not feel sluggish  before your run.  The water in the green smoothies help with the hydration the potassium help with the muscles cramping. Healthy fats keep your energy reserve tank filled up and the fiber slow down the craving for sugar.

Greens and Fruit converts to energy:

The best source for your body as a runner are greens and fruit not only are they packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, that help to fight against inflammation in the body but gives us great energy. This is natural energy not some made up energy in a lab.  Also coconut oil can help you stay energized longer to doing a run.

Fit fuel Green smoothie:

By Jen Hansard –

1 cup fresh spinach

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut water

1/2 cup water

1/2 Cup frozen chopped pineapples

1/2 cup frozen sliced preaches

1/2 banana

1 tablespoon room temp coconut oil

Your next challenge is to go out a shop with the ingredients and buy a cheap blender and  practice this for a week before your runs. Let me know how your energy level felt doing the run.