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3 mile run


Coming back from a injury sucks.

I have been hurt for two weks and unable to run. About 3 weeks ago I decided to turn a easy 3 mile run into a hard run and hurt myslef. This was just dumb not warming up before the workout and running hard on a easy day.

I hurt my gluteus maximus.

Yes! This injury has kept me from running and delay my training. I had the same injury about two years ago with a IT band injury that cost me about 5 weeks of training. I pay for this in the marathon race this was the only year I did not PR in the derby festival marathon.

Monday comeback day:

I was happy to just get out and run some miles on Monday 12, 2018. Man! I love to run and this has became mylife. With no girlfriend I have made running my girlfriend. Please don’t judge me! The injury is still there and hurt after about a mile of running. I would say my body is  about 70 percent heal.

My Race is April 28, 2018:

The good news is that I still have time and this injury didn’t happen 30 days before the race. The bad news is I don’t know if I have a enough miles to break 3hrs in April. This is my goal after BQing last year. I have a strong base beacuse of running all year round.

Sub 3 Challenge:

Yes! This is not easy for a person like me that works two jobs and don’t run 50 miles a weeek. My PR is 3hrs 8 min so I am in the ballpark! This would feel so good to break 3 in April. I am going to focus more on the non- runnning things like mental training, fueling, strength training.  I will just have to trust my running base and focus on the faster workouts and 18 and 20 mile long runs. If you have any tips for me plaese leave a comment on my blog.

Running Physiology 101

Learning how to become a better runner through Revo2lution Running Certification program. I am studying to become a certified running coach and would like to share my study notes.

I hope to share all of my notes on this blog for a while to help any runner become more knowledgeable in running for performance. If you are study for this exam than you have acess right now to my study notes.

How running energy is produced:

There are 3 types of energy system for the body. The first system is ATP- adenosine triphospate this is a compound consisting of an adenosine molecule bonded. We only have a limited supply of this energy and the ATP needs to be resynthesize before it can create more.

ATP-CP the quickest way to resynthesize  this energy system and is used for all out sprinting. The ATP-CP is anaerobic means it don’t need oxygen to work.

Anaerobic Glycolysis is the second energy system and the predomiant.

This system is good for all out running 30 sec to 2 min and the second fastes way to resynthesize ATP. Very little energy is produced through this pathway we depended on this system to run fast. We depend on this system when oxygen is not supplied faster enough to meet out muscles for ATP.

Aerobic System is the Thrid and the slowest way to resynthesize the ATP.

This system unlike the other two is oxygen dependent and is the most complex of the 3 systems. This systme is good for runs longer then 2 min 800/Marathons.  The more we developed this system the faster of a runner we become. Marathon running is 99 percent aerobic.

All 3 system is needed to run.

Marathon runners we used the aerobic system more then any other system.




Chasing boston 2019


   After running a BQ last year and thinking that I was going to run in the boston marathon in 2018. Well that dream was crush in September of last year when the BAA send me that e-mail of rejection.

This was like somebody inviting you to a party and than telling you can’t come. I was upset after working so hard to BQ and than being rejected.

I told myself you have two option either you can give up or try again to run boston. I decided to try again and train harder to run in the 2019 boston marathon.

This is my second week of 16 weeks training until the derby festival marathon. I was able to run 29 miles my first week working 7 days. My longest run of the week was 12 miles. My second week is going well Monday was a easy run and Tuesday I put in 8 miles with my fastest mile 6:35.

I have always took Wednesday /Thursday off for the most part. Working 3rd shift from 6:30 pm to 3 am and then having to work my part time job on these day from 10 am to 5pm. Just not time to get a good run in.

How to lower my BQ time from 3 hrs 8 min? My goal for 2018 is to run a 2:55 marathon if I do this than unless something crazy take place I would run boston 2019.

I believe by focusing on the little things like hydration/ fueling before a run and after. This will be with green smoothies and the right amount of water for a runner.

Strength and Flexibility using Jay Johnson SAM System.  Mental training for a runners is more important than physical training. Learning how to train your mind and overcome self doubts.

I will be following the same training plan last year with more miles and long runs.

Casual runner to Marathon runner

How to go from casual runner to marathon runner?

The short answer would be run more! Casual mean you just running when you feel like it are 2 to 3 days a week. To become a marathon runner you have to increase your miles per week and have a system.

Casual runners just run for fitness are to feel good but have no system. This is like the person that goes to the gym run on the treadmill and then lift some weights and come back next week.

This person have no system at all and really is the reason that most people have a hard time lose weight, getting fit. The marathon runner has a system to follow. This is call a training plan means every run  and workout has a purpose. We are not just running to be running.

The first step would be to find a marathon training program and follow that system. This can be a free one are a pay training plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness level. The marathon is a hard race even for well train runners so to try to run a marathon without a training plan is not a good idea.

If the casual runner is ready to run 25 to 35 miles a week then they may be ready for a marathon. Let’s not deceived ourselves if you can’t run 20 plus miles a week you not ready to run a marathon. I would tell this runner to try shorter races like 5k 10k.

Respect the marathon if you don’t then this race will eat you alive not a distance to play with. The runner must be dedicate to a training plan and running more miles per week to go from casual to marathon runner.



Marathon Mind

 Head Games:

Paavo Nurmi, who won 9 Olympic goals at distances once say this

“All that I am, I am because of my mind. ”  Most training books/plans

start with how many miles you need to run per week and how many

days to be a good marathon runner.  All great marathon runners

must train their mind first before any training plan.  I believe it’s three ways of doing this.

1.) Discipline – Is not looking for shortcuts. Most people in life looks for ways to beat the system.  They are not willing to put in the work. This is why most people don’t run marathons. It take self discipline to get out of your house and train in the cold are heat. The phase is self-discipline.  This is difference from disciples that is force upon you. Most people get up and go to work 5 days a week this is discipline but force upon. True discipline is self- discipline you make up your mind to do something no matter what stands in the way.

2.) Just be mental tough- People always ask how do become more mental strong? I love the answer Jocko Willink (Navy Seal) give in his book Discipline Equals freedom. Just become mental tough. I believe what he was saying there is no magic to this just become mental tough. Just decide you going to be tough. For example in a race when you hit the wall and feel like give up just it tough say no way!!! Fight harder run harder shout come on!!!!

3.) Experience-  One of the best ways to develop a stronger mind is through experience. I am today is more mental tough in running a marathon then I was six years ago. My first marathon was a disaster my mind was not ready for the long distance and I fail apart both mental and physical.  Over the years my mind has became more stronger each time I push myself through the pain.  The best way to become more tough is to run more marathons.

“Do you want to crush you next marathon find out how when you download this free pdf cheat sheet.