September 11-18,2017

The boston marathon opens it registration up to the fastest runners that BQ before this date last year. My date to register will be on the 18th of September that’s only if the marathon has not filled up at 30,000 runners.

I don’t know if my 3hrs 8min 53 sec will get me into the 2018 boston marathon.  based on last year times the time would have been rejected. Boston is all about the fastest time per age groups. There is not a first come you in the race. One year boston turn down over 4,000 runners who BQ.

The best way to explain this is like applying for a Ivy league school having all the text scores and grades and still being rejected. Yes! this sucks but boston will only let 30,000 runners run this this great race every year.

It took me many days of training and years to reach my BQ time. Even last April this was very difficult for me to run that 3hrs and 8min BQ time. I had to sprint that last mile in pain to cross the line with a BQ.

Can I do this again if reject? Yes! My hope is that my BQ will get me in the 2018 boston marathon. If not then the derby festival marathon course is going to pay. In other words I will crush my BQ time next year!

The lesson we can learn in life is this that just because you work hard this does not guarantee that your dreams will come true. Hard work gives you a much better change then somebody who does not work.  I think you have to make up your mind if you going to work hard toward thing even if the work may not payoff( dream come true) are you just going to coast and take what life gives you.

I believe when you work hard even if the outcome is not the outcome you want you win! The key to life and running is to never give up but keep running. The hard work is making you stronger in life!


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