Let Run Home Ron!

Who is Ron? Ron was my co-worker at university hospital in food service for many years. He pass away back in April this year in his sleep. Why I am writing about Ron on a running blog because he play a role in helping me to BQ.

Ron, was always cheerful guy never really saw him mad. He love to smile and joke around. He was a very good cook at the hospital. He knew I was a runner because he saw me running downtown in Louisville. He would always ask me how is your running going Marcus? I would say find Ron!

Right before the Derby Festival marathon in Kentucky I talk to him about my upcoming race and told him about running to BQ. He say I hope you do this bro and be sure to represent the food service team at university hospital. I say I will do this Ron.

I was at home on a Thursday and reading my Facebook post and saw my co-workers start to post RIP RON. I thought to myself what happen to Ron and then I text my boss she told me they just found him dead in his sleep. I was like man we just talk about running. He was not that old about 47 years old. She told me I don’t know what happen but his girl friend find him dead in his sleep.

One guy told me at work he went home early because he was not feeling good. Ron love to work he would at times pick up a shift taking food to patients when we was short on the line.  Just make you think how short life is you can be here one day and gone the next. This is why I want to smile and just make other people happy this is what Ron did everyday at work.

I decided to dedicate my marathon to Ron and told all my coworkers and friends. I knew this run was going to be for him.  Running even most of the race until I hit the wall this mean my pace slow down and I could feel my body getting weak. I knew my BQ goal was still there just had to finish strong.

About mile 24 I told myself to run mile 25 slow and try to save the rest on my energy for the last mile. At this point my mind was like man this hurts can I do this? A runner behind me say this is too hard and drop off. Ok!  One mile to go for the BQ can I do this Marcus? I say Ron let’s run home  let’s run home Ron!!! I just started to sprint and people was cheering me on and my mind was so focus on my BQ. I kept saying let’s Run home Ron let’s run home Ron. I heard the announcer call my name out as I approach the finish line. I think he say go Marcus go Marcus!

When I cross the line I look at my watch and the time was 3Hrs 8 min. A guy gave me a high five. I was like  finally! It took me years to BQ but hard work and Inspiration help me this day. I was still a little nerves because the time clocks on the course was out because of a storm early that morning. I did not know if the clock was going to give me a different time. When I got home and saw my time my goal was accomplished baby! I told all my FB friends about what just happen and how Ron help me in the last mile.

This BQ was for Ron! RIP Ron “Big Rizz” 1971-2017- I love you!!!

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