How to go from casual runner to marathon runner?

The short answer would be run more! Casual mean you just running when you feel like it are 2 to 3 days a week. To become a marathon runner you have to increase your miles per week and have a system.

Casual runners just run for fitness are to feel good but have no system. This is like the person that goes to the gym run on the treadmill and then lift some weights and come back next week.

This person have no system at all and really is the reason that most people have a hard time lose weight, getting fit. The marathon runner has a system to follow. This is call a training plan means every runĀ  and workout has a purpose. We are not just running to be running.

The first step would be to find a marathon training program and follow that system. This can be a free one are a pay training plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness level. The marathon is a hard race even for well train runners so to try to run a marathon without a training plan is not a good idea.

If the casual runner is ready to run 25 to 35 miles a week then they may be ready for a marathon. Let’s not deceived ourselves if you can’t run 20 plus miles a week you not ready to run a marathon. I would tell this runner to try shorter races like 5k 10k.

Respect the marathon if you don’t then this race will eat you alive not a distance to play with. The runner must be dedicate to a training plan and running more miles per week to go from casual to marathon runner.



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