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runners energy system

adenosine triphosphate

This system is also call the ATP-CP this is what moves the body. How we get from the start line of a marathon to the finish line. This energy system has two parts.

  • adenosine diphosphate – ADP
  • in organic phosphate (pi)

This system  gives the runner a small amount of energy and need to be resynthesize.

Anaerobic Glycolysis

This system is good for runs 30 sec to two min. We get little energy from this system but quick. Carbohydrate broken down in glucose- simple sugar and glycogen- store energy runners depend on this system when less oxygen is used for a run.

Aerobic system

The most complex system and dependent on oxygen. Blood glucose muscle, liver glycogen, fat is used to resynthesize. The marathon is mostly aerobic and this system must be developed to run faster. All 3 energy system is used in running but the aerobic system produces 19 times more ATP then glycolysis system.




Fuel Your Next Run

How to fuel your next run?

As runners we all have days when the energy is not there. We have a run to complete and we have very low energy to start. When I was training for my last marathon there was long run I was not feeling it.

Green smoothies is the answer:

I came across this article by Corey Hill over at and he ask Jen Hansard of simple green smoothies about green smoothies before a run. Jen Hansard is a ultra-marathon  runner and green smoothies expert. She say by fueling her body properly before a run help her to run well. The protein bars can make you sluggish and give you short energy. As runners we want long lasting energy.

Drink A Green Smoothie Before your next run:

Green Smoothies are packed with nutrients that well help to fuel your run. This will help you not feel sluggish  before your run.  The water in the green smoothies help with the hydration the potassium help with the muscles cramping. Healthy fats keep your energy reserve tank filled up and the fiber slow down the craving for sugar.

Greens and Fruit converts to energy:

The best source for your body as a runner are greens and fruit not only are they packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, that help to fight against inflammation in the body but gives us great energy. This is natural energy not some made up energy in a lab.  Also coconut oil can help you stay energized longer to doing a run.

Fit fuel Green smoothie:

By Jen Hansard –

1 cup fresh spinach

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut water

1/2 cup water

1/2 Cup frozen chopped pineapples

1/2 cup frozen sliced preaches

1/2 banana

1 tablespoon room temp coconut oil

Your next challenge is to go out a shop with the ingredients and buy a cheap blender and  practice this for a week before your runs. Let me know how your energy level felt doing the run.