After running a BQ last year and thinking that I was going to run in the boston marathon in 2018. Well that dream was crush in September of last year when the BAA send me that e-mail of rejection.

This was like somebody inviting you to a party and than telling you can’t come. I was upset after working so hard to BQ and than being rejected.

I told myself you have two option either you can give up or try again to run boston. I decided to try again and train harder to run in the 2019 boston marathon.

This is my second week of 16 weeks training until the derby festival marathon. I was able to run 29 miles my first week working 7 days. My longest run of the week was 12 miles. My second week is going well Monday was a easy run and Tuesday I put in 8 miles with my fastest mile 6:35.

I have always took Wednesday /Thursday off for the most part. Working 3rd shift from 6:30 pm to 3 am and then having to work my part time job on these day from 10 am to 5pm. Just not time to get a good run in.

How to lower my BQ time from 3 hrs 8 min? My goal for 2018 is to run a 2:55 marathon if I do this than unless something crazy take place I would run boston 2019.

I believe by focusing on the little things like hydration/ fueling before a run and after. This will be with green smoothies and the right amount of water for a runner.

Strength and Flexibility using Jay Johnson SAM System.  Mental training for a runners is more important than physical training. Learning how to train your mind and overcome self doubts.

I will be following the same training plan last year with more miles and long runs.

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