The marathon has been called the ultimate challenge in distance running. Many runners dream of going the distance of 26.2 miles.

There are many reasons people pursue the marathon for some it’s on the bucket list for others a fitness challenge. Whatever your reason maybe the marathon demands respect!

This means learning how to train for a marathon. For most runners wanting to run their first marathon this could be following a online training plan are hiring a coach.

The first marathon academy is about teaching you how to be your own coach and write your own training plan. Traditional programs teach you how to follow a run size fits all approach even if you hire a coach.

I’m going to show you how to write your own personal plan out that fit your lifestyle. The first marathon academy will help you to finish your first marathon feeling good!

On Monday after the marathon you can tell all your friends and co-workers that you coach yourself across the finish line. I believe you have what it take to run the marathon!

Click on the link to enroll in the academy for free! Yes free!

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