“How the green smoothie experiment help me to BQ”

I started running marathons because my boss told me Marcus I bet you can’t.  I have been a runner since my cross country/track days in high school and was a volunteer cross country coach for my old high school in Louisville,Ky. My boss knew I was fit from doing P90X and running.  He woud sometimes ask me about fitness/ running. I always tell people it’s the best way to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.

We always would debate on how good was my Chicago Bears ( back in the day) He could not stand the bear’s being a Tampa Bay bucks fan. How my Kentucky wildcats was American team. This was doing the time Florida won two back to back championship  in college basketball. I hate hearing this everyday believe me!

Oneday the subject came up at work about how long is a marathon and I knew it was 26.2 miles. He say you think you can run this many miles? I say I don’t know! I bet you can’t run a marathon Marcus. I say this is not my type of running these people are crazy! We kept on talking and he may a deal with me if I run a marathon then I could have a saturday off. Now working in a busy restaurant it was very hard to get a saturday off. I could not tell you when the last time I was off on a saturday.

I say OK Parker!  I’m going to run a full Marathon and prove you wrong. The derby festival marathon was in April and this was late fall. I did not know how to train for a marathon and was a rookie when it came to this. My training was like a 5k program with my longest run only 13 miles. The first marathon was bad I almost pass out and had to walk many times. My finish time was 4hrs 5min. I was happy to finish the race and told myself never again this is dumb. Why do people do this?

When my emotion had clam down and people at work started to treat me like a celebrity by saying Marcus just run a marathon. Girls at my job say this is awesome Marcus. I share my race with my facebook friends and they all gave me high praise.  I was started to like this red carpet treatment.

I am competitive and somebody told me you have to qualify for Boston. I was like wow! that’s cool you can’t just sign up and run.  I went to the boston marathon website and find out more information about the BQ. (boston qualifying ) for my age group.  Males 30-34 3hrs 5min 0sec. I say to myself I can do this! The guy who just finish a marahton in 4hrs thought he could BQ. Many years of coming up short and feeling disappointed.

This is my story of faith, patience, perseverance, hard work to inspire you to take actions and make your health your wealth!


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