Notice of Non-Acceptance -2018 Boston Marathon

  1. This was in my e-mail box when I got off from work Wednesday. Yeah! It hurts when you put in the work and your goals/dreams don’t come true! Marathon running can teach you a lot about life! There are people that give up and people that say we have some work to do! Let’s go back to the lab baby! #NEVERGIVEUP #boston2019 Thanks all my fb friends that have support me over the years in my running.
  2. Dear Marcus Brooks:
  3. Thank you for submitting your application for entry into the 2018 Boston Marathon. Regrettably, we are unable to accept your application due to field size limitations and the large number of applications we have received from runners who met the qualifying standards.
  4. The B.A.A. recognizes the achievement of everyone who has met the qualifying standards that have been established for the race. Those who meet – and aspire to meet – these standards have helped distinguish the Boston Marathon from any other marathon in the world, and we understand the effort, training, and commitment involved with achieving the qualifying times.
  5. To gain entry into the 2018 Boston Marathon, runners must have run 3 minutes, 23 seconds under their respective age group qualifying standard.
  6. In preparation for the 2018 Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. used the same registration process as in recent years. Registration was not first-come, first-served, but rather allowed for a more systematic and orderly application procedure. Given the field size limitations, the fastest qualifiers among those who submitted their entry were accepted.
  7. Qualifying performances achieved on or after September 16, 2017 will be valid for 2019 Boston Marathon registration. The 123rd Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 15, 2019.
  8. We appreciate your dedication to running and our sport, as evidenced by achieving your qualifying time and submitting an application for entry. We encourage you to continue your pursuit of running in a future Boston Marathon, and wish you the best of luck in future running endeavors.
  9. Sincerely,
    The Boston Athletic

Boston marathon registration

This was my first time being able to register for the boston marathon. As of right now this is very stressful waiting to hear back from the B.A.A in an email to see if you in are not.

The registration pocess was simple and quick for the most part. I had to use a different web browser the google chrome works find. It took me about 10 min to submit my information and for them to give me a ID number for my application.

They will tell you after the last page this is not a acceptance just to confirm you information. The fee cost me $185 and they say would only be charge to my account if I receive a acceptance e-mail.

Waiting for this e-mail is like waiting for test score to come back. This is Monday Stepmember 25, 2017 and I have still not receive a e-mail. I have been checking my e-mail box way to much in the last 5 days.

I have always told myself boston bound are rejected my goal is to crush my 3hrs 8 min PR in 2018. I will run a marathon under 3hrs. This will free me from worrying so much on this date next year.

Yes! It would hurt at first to be rejected after putting in all that hard work but that e-mail will be post mark everyday I train. If I get in the race then it would be my greatest accomplishment up to this date.

I was in a Job interview on Friday and ask the Guy that doing the hiring if I could have some time off to run Boston. I would be new to the Job and not have no vacation time are much time off. He say if you run boston I will make sure you get time off.

I thought wow! this is why boston is so big like the olympics for mortal runner’s like me and my readers! My goal with this blog is to help every boston dreamer run this great race on Marathon Monday in April!

boston marathon Quest

September 11-18,2017

The boston marathon opens it registration up to the fastest runners that BQ before this date last year. My date to register will be on the 18th of September that’s only if the marathon has not filled up at 30,000 runners.

I don’t know if my 3hrs 8min 53 sec will get me into the 2018 boston marathon.  based on last year times the time would have been rejected. Boston is all about the fastest time per age groups. There is not a first come you in the race. One year boston turn down over 4,000 runners who BQ.

The best way to explain this is like applying for a Ivy league school having all the text scores and grades and still being rejected. Yes! this sucks but boston will only let 30,000 runners run this this great race every year.

It took me many days of training and years to reach my BQ time. Even last April this was very difficult for me to run that 3hrs and 8min BQ time. I had to sprint that last mile in pain to cross the line with a BQ.

Can I do this again if reject? Yes! My hope is that my BQ will get me in the 2018 boston marathon. If not then the derby festival marathon course is going to pay. In other words I will crush my BQ time next year!

The lesson we can learn in life is this that just because you work hard this does not guarantee that your dreams will come true. Hard work gives you a much better change then somebody who does not work.  I think you have to make up your mind if you going to work hard toward thing even if the work may not payoff( dream come true) are you just going to coast and take what life gives you.

I believe when you work hard even if the outcome is not the outcome you want you win! The key to life and running is to never give up but keep running. The hard work is making you stronger in life!


runners energy system

adenosine triphosphate

This system is also call the ATP-CP this is what moves the body. How we get from the start line of a marathon to the finish line. This energy system has two parts.

  • adenosine diphosphate – ADP
  • in organic phosphate (pi)

This system  gives the runner a small amount of energy and need to be resynthesize.

Anaerobic Glycolysis

This system is good for runs 30 sec to two min. We get little energy from this system but quick. Carbohydrate broken down in glucose- simple sugar and glycogen- store energy runners depend on this system when less oxygen is used for a run.

Aerobic system

The most complex system and dependent on oxygen. Blood glucose muscle, liver glycogen, fat is used to resynthesize. The marathon is mostly aerobic and this system must be developed to run faster. All 3 energy system is used in running but the aerobic system produces 19 times more ATP then glycolysis system.




Boston Bound


                The Boston Marathon Quest:

September 11, 2017, Is the open resgistration for 2018 boston marathon.  The first day is for the BQ runners who run 2o min and faster over their BQ time. Then the next would be for runners you run 10 min over the BQ time.  Next would be the runners who run 5 min then after this the runners who BQ.

This is all base on 30,000 entries in 2018 Boston Marathon. 80% of this field are BQ runners then the other 20% charity runners. There is no first come first serve in this marathon everything is base on times and age groups.

My age group is 35-39 and the BQ time of this group is 3hrs 10 min 0sec.  I was able to run a BQ of 3hrs 8 min in the derby festival marathon in Kentucky this year!

Will my time get me in the 2018 Boston marathon? I sure do hope so.  By 2017 times the answer would be no. One had to be at least 2min faster than his BQ time. I think there was over two thousands runnes that BQ and was turn down.

This blog/website theme will be all about giving marathon runners all the tools they need to BQ and cross the Finsh line on marathon Monday. I hope this site will  be the best site for runners that are in the ball park but need some extra inspiration and energy, running tips to BQ.

I know for so many marathon runners Boston is a dream and is the super bowl for mortal marathon runners. The goal is to help and serve competitive marathon runners who are obsessive by BQing and running at Peak Performance.

We will start with the history behind the greastest marathon race in the world and than examine  the why behind running boston.  Then we will focus on marathon fueling on how to overcome the wall (last six miles)

Green smoothies will play a major role in are marathon fueling strategy not man made supplements and fake energy. I have already show how green smoothies can help you marathon time if you drink at least one quart a day for six weeks.(green drink experiment)

I will be writing about my quest from receiving a letter of 2018 acceptance letter are being rejected and having to BQ again. The goal is to finish Boston. If you would like to join me let the team begin!