On April 29 , 2017 I was able to BQ (boston marathon qualifier)

after many years of disappointment.

I will help you crush the wall with green smoothies!


BQ for Ron

  Let Run Home Ron! Who is Ron? Ron was my co-worker at university hospital in food service for many years. He pass away back in April this year in his sleep. Why I am writing about Ron on a running blog because he play a role in helping me to BQ. Ron, was...

Green smoothie experiment: Part Two

  fail to BQ over and over and it hurt! 2016- I was so close 3hrs 15min fail apart in the last 10K. 2015- Stay with the 3:10 pace group most of the race but fail apart the last six miles.( 3hrs 31 min) 2014- Felt good most of the race but just could not reach my goal of 3hrs 5min ( 3hrs...

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Marcus BQ on green smoothies

"How the green smoothie experiment help me to BQ” I started running marathons because my boss told me Marcus I bet you can’t.  I have been a runner since my cross country/track days in high school and was a volunteer cross country coach for my old high school in Louisville,Ky. My boss knew I was...

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