adenosine triphosphate

This system is also call the ATP-CP this is what moves the body. How we get from the start line of a marathon to the finish line. This energy system has two parts.

  • adenosine diphosphate – ADP
  • in organic phosphate (pi)

This system  gives the runner a small amount of energy and need to be resynthesize.

Anaerobic Glycolysis

This system is good for runs 30 sec to two min. We get little energy from this system but quick. Carbohydrate broken down in glucose- simple sugar and glycogen- store energy runners depend on this system when less oxygen is used for a run.

Aerobic system

The most complex system and dependent on oxygen. Blood glucose muscle, liver glycogen, fat is used to resynthesize. The marathon is mostly aerobic and this system must be developed to run faster. All 3 energy system is used in running but the aerobic system produces 19 times more ATP then glycolysis system.




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