Dream big

My dream marathon would be 2hrs 35min and top 5 finsher at the derby festivatil marathon. This would top my BQ performance last April when I was so excited to hit that goal. I believe everyone should dream big and forget about the critic inside of you telling you to stop dreaming.

Every Dream Starts with Vision

I think every person that has made it big in life start with a big dream and than start seeing themselves living the dream. This is what vision means to me you dream than focus your mind carrying out the dream. People that don’t dream don’t have vision. Seeing yourself in a better state help you to chase your dreams.

Your Dream is your Dream:

My dream is my dream not your dream are my boss dream. This is my dream so I have to nurse it and treat it with care and stop expecting others to feel the same way about my dream. I think people will spend their whole life dreaming other people dreams  but never dreaming their own dreams.

What if the dream don’t come true?

There is always a possible that your big dream will not come true. Does this mean you should not dream at all? At some point in life you going have to say to yourself I don’t care if my dream come true are not. I will dream big and work hard and the rest leave to God. Dreams are made to keep us alive and to give us hope.

Dream killers want you:

Dream Killers are people that tell you stop dreaming because dreams are for kids and adults should think real. Dreams are for only lucky people in life and not you. Maybe you are your own dream killer. Stop letting people take your dreams!

How do big dreams come true?

Big dreams come true when you take small steps toward killing the dragon. If you try to kill the dragon all at once than he will kill you. Start with a smart goal than a plan without letting fear get in your way!



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